School Programs

SPC Clinic Flier March 2012The Saigon Pony Club welcomes schools during morning weekdays.

We provide Pony Clinics between 1 and 3 hours long. Children can discover the fascinating pony world during these sessions. The length of the clinic depends on the age of the pupil.

The program includes:

– Horse theory
– Care for the horses (feeding, health, stable management,….
– Grooming
– Tacking up
– Riding

Due to having 2 paddock areas we can teach 2 groups of up to 10 children at any one time.

The Saigon Pony Club has provided pony-clinics to the following schools:

        – 1st Academy Schools

        – Antonia School

        – Boule & Billes Schools

        – Canadian International Schools

        – International German Schools

        – Montessori

        – Noah’s Club

        – Saigon Kids School

        – Saigon Star International School

        – Singapore International School

        – International Education for Children

        – Kangourou Kindergarten

        – The American School of Vietnam



5 thoughts on “School Programs

  1. Hi , my name is Cuong . My son 3 years old now and he love to ride horse . Can he learning at your school at his age ? If yes . So please sent me some advise and time table for class . Tks

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  3. Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo Quốc 2017 — 1 h 45 min

    Dear Mr/Mrs!
    I’m really interested in Pony riding classes in you school!
    I write this email to ask you how much do classes cost? when and how I can book for the classes?
    I’m looking forward to your reply
    Thank you so much

  4. Pham thi bang tra 2017 — 13 h 59 min

    Dear Mr/Mrs
    I’m interested in your class but I’m 24 years old and you have any class for aldut a like me ?And can you tell me how much for class cost !thanks you so much !
    Merry X-mas and I’m looking forward to your mail soon !

  5. Trang Nguyen 2019 — 3 h 05 min

    My son is 14 years old and he want to get training for horse riding. Please let me know how to register for Summer training.

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