Saigon Pony Club is the perfect place for team building but why participating at a team building session with horses?

People don’t often see or are not regularly in contact with horses especially in Vietnam

  • Discover a new animal
  • Discover different behaviors, attitudes & reactions from the participants.
  • A horse can not lie & by looking at its ears, you can know precisely what it feels
  • Ears forward: horse worried
  • Ears moving on the sides: normal attitude
  • Ears back: horse is threatening or going to bite or kick
  • A horse is a very nice, gentle & loyal animal.
  • Horses are big, strong & heavy animal, up to 1,000kg.

A person must be brave with a minimum of confidence to approach a horse

  • A person can not handle a horse with just strength or brutality.
  • A person must obtain the acceptance from the horse before handling it easily.
  • Horses cannot lie & is neutral so its reactions will be adapted to the behavior of the person.
  • By looking at the reaction of a horse, we can identify the behavior & state of mind of the person
  • A horse will be quiet, peaceful & relaxed if the person is calm & confident.
  • Watching, approaching, feeding, grooming, riding a horse is fun & we are here to have FUN!

Objectives of the team building:

  • Get confident next to a big & strong animal
  • Communicate with patience, intelligence, calm & be respected by the horse & the people
  • Behave properly in new situations & solve problems & difficulties with the horse & the people
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