The Word of the Director

Amaury & Helene Le BlanThe Ponies from Saigon Pony Club welcome you all !

I would like to share with you the benefits you and your children will obtain from pony riding. Pony riding is more than just a sport or an art, it is a way of life.


– Bravery when he walks next to his ponies, 10 times heavier than him.

– Dedication & Stamina when he rides his pony in the heat for 60 minutes.

– Confidence when he canters fearless towards the obstacle.

– Satisfaction when crying for Mummy before his first lesson, he trots in front of his parents with a huge smile on his face.

– Friendship when he talks for hours to his pony after his riding lesson

The new set-up of the Saigon Pony Club in located in district 2. There are 2 foreign teachers who will ensure you and your children have quality pony lessons. Safety is very important to us but we provide fun filled educational lessons.

See you there!

Amaury Le Blan
Saigon Pony Club

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